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Premium Arora Brother's Finish Cashew

Arora Brothers makes cashew kernels available for wholesale and retail. The raw materials are sourced from countries such as Benin, Ghana and Tanzania, and processed entirely at our facility in Mathania, near Jodhpur. The finest of products are delivered to our buyers, on-demand in all varieties, small, big, value-added, splits or wholes. .

Cashew Kernels

Arora Brothers also supply peanut kernels of only the finest quality. One can order peanut kernels of the desired variety, Java or Bold and the brand is in a position to meet the requirements on time. The peanut kernels are tasteful and healthful, and in a high-demand for firms producing groundnut oil. We supply all over India.

Cashew Kernels
Cashew Kernels

Processed black tea of the best quality is made available by Arora brothers. Among the top varieties of the refreshing black tea available are unflavored black tea and flavored masala tea. They find a number of admirers in foreign countries as well. We supply at several places countrywide.